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Multimedia containing neurodiverse characters and/or topics.

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Roommates on the autism spectrum strive to get a job, keep a job, make friends, fall in love, and navigate a world that eludes them. With the help of their families, aide, and sometimes even each other, these roommates experience setbacks and celebrate triumphs on their own unique journeys towards independence and acceptance. (TV 16+)

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Hannah Gadbsy is an Australian comedian, who has high functioning autism and is a lesbian. Her comedy is often based upon her personal experiences. Explicit language and content is present in some skits. Trigger warning for some skits as well.

When a teen on the autism spectrum decides to get a girlfriend, his bid for more independence puts his whole family on a path of self-discovery. (TV 14)

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Finding love can be hard for anyone. For young adults on the autism spectrum, exploring the unpredictable world of dating holds its own unique challenges. (TV 14)

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Parenthood is a drama about four adult siblings who need to help each other pick up the pieces and focus on the everyday challenges that families face while raising children and starting over. One of the children, Max, has Asperger's. (TV 14)

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