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Exciting Plans for 2024!

Updated: Jan 29

As we reflect back on 2023, we celebrate the successful launch of the Lowcountry Neurodiverse Network (LNN) in August! Creating a community for neurodiverse individuals and their loved ones has been a vision for sometime, and a labor of love. We are thrilled to share that our community has been steadily growing! In December, we had 164 people access the website, and LNN's monthly blog reached a 25% open rate (30-50% is typical)! Furthermore, LNN coordinated the following social activities for neurodiverse kids/teens:

  • Social Connections Teen D&D Club

  • Social Connections Teen Art Club

  • Social Connections Girls Glam Day led by Roots to Thrive (OT)

Our goal for 2024 is to reach even more people! We want professionals and families sharing this resource with each other. We want to continue to offer vetted informational blogs that are meaningful, applicable and useful while improving readership. Finally, we want to offer parent workshops, and continue to partner with local organizations to offer social activities for neurodiverse individuals. This spring we are excited to offer:

You are the most important members of the Lowcountry Neurodiverse Network. We want to hear from you. Contact us at to share your success stories, recommend providers, ask for assistance, suggest a social activity, or inquire about additional resources. "It takes a village.." (African proverb). Help us support you with building your village.

Happy Connecting!


Katie Hodgson, M.Ed, MA, CCC-SLP has a private practice in downtown Charleston that specializes in social competency, executive function and self-regulation. Katie primarily runs social groups for neurodiverse children and teens. To learn more go to her website or contact her at



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