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What is Lowcountry Neurodiverse Network?

The Lowcountry Neurodiverse Network (LNN) is a grassroots effort to create a community for individuals and families in the Lowcountry. We know how difficult it is to find people who truly understand the nuances and unique needs of

neurodiverse individuals. The goal is to connect you with:

  • other neurodiverse individuals through social activities and support groups

  • professionals with expertise and extensive experience in neurodiversity

  • relatable, curated articles and resources

Welcome to LNN!

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Lowcountry Neurodiverse Network is an organization that connects the neurodiverse community to parents, peers, evaluators, and support services.

Who We Serve

Lowcountry Neurodiverse Network serves the neurodiverse community and their loved ones, including individuals with average to above average intellect who have difficulty with:

  • social communication

  • executive function

  • self-regulation  


This may include a self-identification or diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Aspergers, ADHD, anxiety, OCD or similarly wired individuals.

*If the description above does not sound like your loved one,

Lowcountry Autism Foundation may be a better fit.


Lowcountry Neurodiverse Network's vision is to support you in reaching your goals for self awareness,  peer connections and interdependence.


Lowcountry Neurodiverse Network values access to quality care and curated resources.  We celebrate all individuals of different wiring, races, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious backgrounds, cultures, & socioeconomic status.

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